is a Guatemalan brand that creates exclusive home goods through design and innovation.

It’s integrated by a team of artisans and designers to provide the best quality and uniqueness in handmade products.

The production process is thought out to prioritize the use of ecological materials, social impact and sustainability.

Our commitment is to offer high-quality products by designer, preserving craft traditions and bringing environmental awareness.

We are proud to support better living for the artisans who make this possible and provide a better future for their families.




Now working in collaboration with over 100 artisans, from across Guatemala

in around 9 communities in 7 regions, each specializing in a different technique.

MOLT promotes Guatemalan craft globally and helps support

the livelihoods of artisans and in turn their families.



Marissa Gálvez Mont

Head Designer & Founder


Born in Guatemala, graduated from Universidad Rafael Landivar with a Cum Laude degree in Industrial Design.

 Dedicated to find solutions for design and execution of projects.

With the mind set on innovation, art and development of sustainable environments.


 contact: marissa@moltstudio.com


Oficina Central

Cámara de Industria, ruta 6 9-21 zona 4, Oficina 7E, Guatemala


Km. 16.5 Carretera a El Salvador Arrazola Panorama Lote 223